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Previous ask:

What will you never drink again? Why?

Michelle answers:

We had my now-stepmom's bachelorette party at a relatively empty casino in West Virginia, and we attracted a lot of attention from people happy to buy us drinks. One was a friendly man who bought us rounds (and rounds...) of delicious shots. We all declared we had found a new favorite drink, and I distinctly remember asking him and the bartender both what it was called and what was in it. Tragically, by the time we were dissecting the evening's damage over breakfast, none of us could remember the name nor recipe. I'll never have those magic shots again!

[Ed note: I followed up with Michelle to see if there were any further details about this mystery drink. She writes:

“I think you underestimate the amount of free drink that was flowing that fateful evening... It was sweet and it was cloudy. And it may have had pineapple juice in it? It definitely had a two-word name, probably in an "Adjective Noun" set up.”

Any guesses?!]

Michelle asks:

If you could keep one wild animal as a perfectly tame house pet, what animal would it be and what would you do with it?

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