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Previous ask:

What is something incorrect that you learned as a little kid and how did you discover it was not true later in life?

Scott answers: 

I have distinct memories of driving around my suburb in the back of my parent’s car, nose pressed against the window, watching the shops in my hometown drift by. My town wasn’t awful, but it was bland — which is why I couldn’t believe that several of the shops noted on their awnings that they were “world famous.” I would marvel at the fact that our little coffee shop or hair salon was something that people all over the world knew about. How did they find out? Were people taking pilgrimages to our town to visit? I’d keep my eye out for people who looked… worldly?

How did I discover this was not true later in life? I suppose some combination of the internet and common sense. But I remember feeling a real sense of betrayal when it started to dawn on me. Someone can just make that claim and not face any consequences? What’s up with that.

Scott’s Ask:

Why did (or do you think) the last person that broke up with you break up with you?

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Bits and Pieces

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  • Over at 30 for 30 Podcasts, we’ve got a great August lined up. All summer we’ve been doing a series marking the 10th anniversary of the film series. Talking to directors and subjects about films like “The Two Escobars,” “OJ: Made in America,” “Fab Five” and more. It’s been really fun. There’s another batch next week, all leading up to — the announcement of our next big season! Look for the trailer on August 15th.

  • Some perfect songs:

    • Shimmer by Sinjin Hawke

    • It’s Not Easy by Ofege

    • Loves Happening by The Impressions

  • Here’s a very fun sub-reddit I just discovered —> r/nextfuckinglevel

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